Growing leaders.

Leadership is about finding room for one more: inspiring one more person to join the cause, taking one more step toward making a difference, discovering one more opportunity to share, learn, and grow together.


That’s what I’m doing at PlusONE. I work with leaders in education and beyond to find their one more. I help them develop the tools they need to lead better, build stronger teams, and make change happen.






I work one-on-one to build a coaching plan that meets your needs. Whether you’re a principal or superintendent, new to your team or looking for insights on how to shake things up, I bring my experience, leadership, and support to help you reach a range of goals.




From the role gender plays in decision-making to nurturing influence and leading effectively, I visit with groups across the country to explore new perspectives on leadership and education.



An objective third-party that knows the ins and outs of complex education settings can be an invaluable resource as your team works through challenges. From workshops to meetings, I  partner with clients to make sure all voices are heard, and develop plans to solve problems.




Mickey—You are a person who MAKES things happen, who builds cohesive teams that really care about each other, who takes RISKS and empowers others to take them too. You are humble but incredibly skilled. Thanks for being my role model.


Founder, EdCamp

I still reflect on all I learned from watching you in your professional role being yourself.  You gave me permission to be myself as well—my best self. That was new for me as an administrator and your modeling helped to open a new level of awareness in me of my true work.


High School Principal

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Amplifying Impact

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