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PlusONE Coaching

I have been coaching leaders my whole career. And continuing to grow and evolve as a coach is central to my approach to working with clients. The professional highlight for me in 2021 was the overwhelming response to the free coaching sessions that I offered this fall in support of a coaching program I was taking. Sharing an individual hour with nearly 50 of you was such an honor, and reaffirmed for me the power of this community. Hearing so many of us share the sense of loneliness and exhaustion from the year was an impetus for me putting together the offerings that I’m bringing for 2022.

There's something for everyone here — ultimately, this is about connecting in conversation and working through challenges together, no matter your needs or resources.

Coaching Conversations 


Interested in having a partner in exploring your life and leadership? A coaching relationship can help you do just that. Join me in 2 one-hour sessions each month. Want to bring a friend? We can do “Partner Coaching” with a female leader of your choice and split the cost between the two of you. 

One on One Coaching

$200 per session if organization pays; $150 if self pay (minimum of 3 sessions for either option).


5 Session Bundle

$950 if org pays/ $650 if self pay.


Single Session

Have a difficult decision to make and want to think it through with someone? This 90 minute session might be just what you want. $250 if the organization pays; $200 if self pay. 

Let's talk — it's time to get the coaching support you need.

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