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 Getting to your Us. experience.

I know about half of the Us. participants reach into their own pockets to pay for Us. events and experiences. That’s why I keep the price as low as possible for everyone. 


AND…some of the reasons for the self-funding is why we need to come together in the first place! For some of us, asking our organization (especially if there is a male at the helm) to pay for us to learn with other women is uncomfortable at best, and prohibitive at worst. 


Try applying the “Flip it to Test it” adage to this situation: If there were Training for Male Leaders available, would participants self-fund for fear of asking their organization to help out? Hmmm... 

Some Us. participants choose to self-fund so that they can do whatever they want with the learning and experience. If this is you — ENJOY!

If, however, you need some help in how to “pitch” Us. to leadership in your organization, read on…

Getting Organizational Support


Potential Resources/Language to Assist in the Ask:


  1. Check out the Research Base and Outcomes for Us. document here.

  2. In your request, expand the name of the learning experience to include the following descriptors: Leadership Development; SEL Training for Adults in Education; Equity Based Leadership Training for Women; How to Bring Transformative SEL to the Adults in your System, etc….

  3. When I invoice, I’ll use the phrase: Transformative SEL for Women Leaders in Education, along with Us. That might help as well.

  4. Identify a potential funding source in your request. See below for potential funding sources. (Money isn’t really an issue for this kind of training right now! - )


My Us. Advisors (an amazing group of women leaders!) and I are also on the hunt for potential funding sources to underwrite the cost for some scholarships. If you have any suggestions, please reach out!

Mickey Porter

I'm Mickey and I'm a Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator. I've coached leaders across the country through the Dare to Lead™ curriculum. Supporting women leaders is my passion. It’s my “why”. Facilitating Us. has been the highlight of a long career in leadership. My career has included some amazing opportunities to lead and partner with people to make a difference. I know the impact of leadership. I also know the personal challenges and limitations that leaders face. My goal in working with leaders is to help them to see in practical, usable ways that “who they are is how they lead”. Whether it’s personal exploration through coaching, facilitating a tough conversation, or speaking to a packed auditorium, encouraging self awareness as leaders is  ALWAYS at the core of my work.


My work is anchored in years of experience and my never-ending exploration of leadership ideas, theories, and practical strategies that are out in the world. I love learning and thinking about what matters to leaders. Listening to what is important to others; what they want for themselves and the people they lead - ahhh! Yes. That’s what I love.

"Through the Us. experience, I found myself a member of a small group of thoughtful, committed female leaders who shared my commitment to change the world. Mickey Porter's facilitation reconnected me to my own values, and provided valuable practices which are now enabling me to use my energy more efficiently in achieving important goals." 

— Dr. Amie Carter, Assistant Superintendent Novato Unified

The full impact of Us. has slowly been dawning on me over the two months that have elapsed since I participated. I navigate the same kinds of situations as I have for decades, but I see them differently, I respond more honestly, and I am prepared to take more of the risks necessary to move gender role dynamics forward. Us. was a true growing experience. — Kirsten, School Site Administrator


"After experiencing Us, I'm seeing issues of power, sexism, leadership and equity in my everyday work quite differently. I made connections with powerful female colleagues in such a short amount of time, through honest conversation and common experiences. I have continued to nurture these relationships and feel so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you!" — Us. Attendee

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